We thought you might be curious.  As you can imagine there is a very interesting story about that.  This is the very bicycle that Sir Edmond Mayworth traveled to the United States with in order to build his empire.  His passion was one that many people didn’t really understand, but he lived his life showing the glory of wine bottle vases.  See, Sir Edmond Mayworth was the first person to ever realize that a wine bottle would make a lovely vase.  In his quest to make the world a little bit better, word spread of his mission all across Europe, even to the ears of Queen Elizabeth II.  In fact her first action as Queen of England was to knight Edmond Mayworth in 1952.  After years of peddling wine bottle vases across Europe, he realized that his true quest was to bring this idea to the people of the United States.

Sir Edmond Mayworth packed up his bicycle and booked passage on the MS Gripsholm that would carry him, his bicycle and these amazing vases across the Atlantic Ocean.  Upon arriving in Boston, Sir Edmond made his way, city by city on his trusty bicycle, spreading the good news of wine bottle vases.  The dutiful knight would not rest until everyone knew of the majesty of his fanciful contraptions.  On his death bed, Sir Edmond was asked what kept him going for so many years.  His response was unexpected, but evidently he just really liked wine, and figured this would be a good way to fund his drinking habit.  So hats off to Sir Edmond Mayworth, for he knew the true secret of life.  Do what you love and find a way to pay for it along the way.

To be clear, Sir Edmond Mayworth is a figment of your imagination…. I said what I said.  He now lives there and now you will forever wonder what’s up with wine bottle vases and why couldn’t I come up with a way to fund my drinking habit.  Also, whoever wrote this through in some pretty interesting facts, wait there were historic elements to this?  Yes there were…. Bet you wonder which ones… BTW, this is what a rabbit hole looks like, if you made it this far, you need more business, might we recommend a great marketing company?  We heard great things about OG Media…

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