At OG Media, we believe that story matters.  It isn’t enough to just market product, that’s boring and overdone.  It’s time to step into space, and not just because you are high, by telling the story of what makes you and your product unique.  Here is a secret, Dr. Pepper® isn’t the only soda with 23 flavors, and M&Ms® aren’t the only milk chocolate that melts in your mouth.  Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to work with OG Media to find and tell your story in an unique and memorable way.  Are you ready to be something more?

Pull up a chair. Let’s talk.

So, this page is all about what we do, but before we get to the “products” you should know that we don’t do cookie-cutter.  Your brand is completely different and has completely different needs from the one on the other side of town.  Why would you want to do the same thing someone else is doing?  The other thing you should know is that we come from a varied list of experiences, and have more knowledge of the industry than most agencies that are knocking on your door with the same old same old.  Saying this, if you want something that we don’t agree 100% with, you are the boss, at least when your check clears you are.  If you can’t tell, we like to have fun, and sometimes can be a bit sarcastic, which is good marketing, if I don’t say so myself.



The products below are the tools we use to tell your story.


More than a logo and a clever phrase.  Branding entails all aspects of your company and we help you develop it from beginning to end.

Social Media

Post a picture, get likes, make money, right? Not exactly.  Social Media is about strategy, that is where we come into play. Think Chess, not Checkers.

Graphics & Logo Design

If you are designing all your marketing material in MS Word, Stop now and call us!!! THAT IS AN ORDER. We can help you even if you aren’t though.

Website Development

A picture is worth a thousand words, so how many pictures should your website have? Exactly… These answers and many more when you call us.


Hendrerit amet, volutpat leo non, commodo maecenas scelerisque tincidunt. If you didn’t understand the first part of this, you probably don’t understand SEO, and that is fine. We do.

Video Production

What’s better than a picture? A moving picture.  Yeah, we do that, it’s fun and looks cool and people respond to it really well.

Event Planning

I mean, who doesn’t want to throw a party?  But, there are all the pesky details… Are they worth the headache?  Yes, when we take care of the details.

Media Buying

Tried buying Facebook and Google ads and it didn’t work for you? We have ways that make things work.  Let’s talk.

Marketing Consulting

Did all the above sound like you need someone to tell you what all you need to do?  We can help.  Whether you need a little hand-holding or want someone to spend your money in the best possible way, we got you.